Hookup Cables

Hookup cables for prototyping and connecting things

SWD Cable - 2x5 Pin

Code: SKU-005666

This is a 150mm (~6") long, 10-conductor cable that's especially ideal for many JTAG applications. Both ends are terminated with 2x5 pin female connectors with 1.27mm (0.05") spacing. Documents: Datasheet

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Code: SKU-003958

This is a very simple 1m long TNC to SMA cable. We like to use this cable to connect our ultra high-frequency RFID antennae to an equally powerful reader board. This cable is perfect for extending pre-existing cables to give yourself a better range of operations when managing your RFID projects.

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XLR-3 (DMX) Cable - 25ft

Code: SKU-005383

This is a 25 foot (~7.6m) long DMX cable capable of better communications for lighting and special effects through standard or digital communication protocols.

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