A bunch of new stuff has arrived! Here’s a few of the highlights.

Dagu Doodle Bot

Dagu Doodle Bot

The Dagu Doodle Bot is a fun little robot for beginners or as a base for something more. I’d like to see it turned into a twitter bot writing out tweets.


L298 Motor Driver Board

Yet another motor driver board using the ever popular L298 chip. This one features optical isolation of the logic circuitry to avoid interference, a nice big on board voltage regulator and pluggable terminal blocks. It also has sensing resistors to enable current limiting of the driver outputs. Giant heat sink included.


Arduino Red Board by SparkFun

Fully compatible with the Arduino Uno shields and the Arduino IDE the RedBoard by SparkFun is a great alternative. I plugged this one in, the drivers installed themselves (Windows 8) and it was ready to go. Built to SparkFuns usual high quality.

Micro Magician V2

The second iteration of Dagu’s Micro Magician now features the ATmega328P processor so it has more space for programing. Fully compatible with the Arduino IDE, this is feature packed robot controller and is a very quick way to get a robot up and running. Being able to just plug in servo’s and motors makes it sooooo much easier!

Dagu micro magician v2 controller

Some of the features are:

  • Built in dual FET "H" bridge with current limiting, motor stall detection and electronic braking
  • Built regulators for powering external devices
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Built in USB using the CP2102 interface IC
  • Built in 3-axis accelerometer with 0G detection and selectable ±1.5G and ±6G ranges
  • Built in 38KHz IR receiver providing 128 virtual buttons when using the Sony IR protocol
  • and much more…

Plastic Gearmotor

Building a robot? These little plastic gearboxes and matching wheels make for a low cost drive system.

Add some computer vision with CMUCam V4

CMUcam V4 on an Arduino Uno

The latest iteration of the very successful CMUCam V4 is here. This module has a VGA 640x480 colour camera and is specifically designed for robotics and use with small microcontrollers like the Arduino Uno. The onboard processor enables line, shape and colour tracking and communicates over a simple TTL link. This module lets your robot navigate using vision to avoid obstacles or track moving target.