We’ve got a few new products coming in from Dagu Electronics. If you’ve spent anytime on the friendly http://letsmakerobots.com/ site you have probably come across Dagu and their products.

For starters we have a few servo motor bits and pieces…


8g Servo

The little 8g servo is great when you need a cheap servo or many:

dagu 8g micro servo


Continuous Rotation Servo with Wheel

Looking for a cheap robot drive system. Put two of these things together for full speed and direction control.


Continuous rotation servo with wheelServo and Wheel on a robot



Pan and Tilt Bracket With Servos

This pan/tilt kit, designed by the members of "letsmakerobots.com" has mounting holes to suit almost any range sensor and includes 2 miniature servos plus all the nuts and bolts required for assembly.


Dagu Mini Pan and Tilt Kit