Not enough pins (Small)

New Product: 16 Channel Mux/Demux

There’s just not enough IO pins to go around on this Arduino powered hairy monster ==>>

A few switches, blinky lights, motor driver & wheel encoders and now they’re all used up :(

Looks like a good use for our 16 channel multiplexer/demultiplexer that takes 5 pins and turns them into 16 pins.

16 Channel Mux-Demux

The multiplexer/demultiplexer lets 5 pins (4 digital, 1 analog) shown on the right of the board either input or output digital or analog signals to the 16 pins shown on the left. The little CD74HC4067 chip works with digital signals as well so it can be used to add additional serial ports to a device if only transmission is required.