A nice little robot controller

clock December 13, 2013 12:09 by author kimm |

Perfect for smaller robots! We have just got a bunch of Mini Drivers in stock for the low price of $15.90.

This little controllers make building a little robot super easy. With dual 2.5A motor drivers, headers for 8 servos, power switch and assembled headers for all microcontroller pins it is super fast to connect up motors, sensors and servos.

Programming is done with the Arduino IDE. It connects via built in USB to your computer and even has a header for adding bluetooth support via the Dagu Bluetooth module.

At the heart is the little ATmega 8A. This is a little chip with less memory than the typical Arduino Uno with the 328 chip however it is plenty for lots of simpler robots. You could even use this board as a motor driver and servo controller for another larger board like an Uno using TTL serial between the two.


Robot Gear at Curtin Uni Robofair 2013

clock November 6, 2013 13:48 by author kimm |

Each year Curtin Uni in Perth puts on Robofair where robot minded folk get together for some robotics action.

Robofair 2013 promises to be bigger than ever before and we will be exhibiting again. Come and see us and all the other great exhibitors to find out more about all kinds of robotics from hobby to industrial.


When, Where, How much?

Date: Sunday, 24th November
Time: 10am - 2pm
Location: Curtin University, Bentley, Building 215

Cost: FREE

Making things with servos

clock July 24, 2013 12:32 by author kimm |

We now have a new range of servo mounting brackets. These are handy for making your own mechanisms using standard sized hobby servos. Build your own walking robot, robot arm or whatever you dream up!

View the full range here.

Cheap shipping option

clock May 24, 2013 10:44 by author kimm |

Sometimes you just need one little thing and the postage costs more than the part so we’ve added a low cost shipping option for goods under $20 to save you some money.



Yes, little padded envelopes.

These don’t offer much protection for sensitive goods like an Arduino Board or Ultrasonic sensors but they do just fine for tough stuff like wires, wheel hubs and the like. The size is limited to very little things so the package is treated as an envelope and priced accordingly by Australia Post.

Electronic Kits for fun

clock May 15, 2013 10:36 by author kimm |

Most of the things we stock take a fair amount of hacking to make work. Some solder, hot glue and a bit of smoke. Sometimes our plans are extravagant and things don’t get properly finished in time even if they kinda still work.


But that’s fun right? The point is that hacking robotics and electronics can be complicated. If you are young or you want a present for a young child it can be overwhelming.

To help we’ve got a range of kits in from Elenco in the USA. These are high quality, well designed and come with awesome manuals that guide you building electronics circuits. Ideal for ages 8 and up these kits are an excellent way to learn about electronics. We even have  kit that incorporates a PICAXE microcontroller for a way into microcontrollers. No soldering needed and all safe voltages.

Snap Circuits XP - launch pad Snap Circuits 300-in-1 box opened

There are heaps of projects to build:
  • Sunrise Alarm
  • Battery Tester
  • Launch Pad
  • Counter
  • Clap for Sound

We also have a radio controlled electronic kit that shots foam discs! Build lots of circuits and make them move.

Elenco Deluxe RC Snap Rover